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CAN Pmod Linux




I have the Pynq Z1 board and the CAN Pmod for a uni project. What's the best way to interface with this in linux to start receiving CAN messages? I noticed there is no driver/library for this pmod according to the docs. It doesn't necessarily have to be a python interface (I don't mind C/C++), just looking for a way to interface with the pmod in linux.





I realise there is a dedicated google forum for this board, but my approval to join the group and post a question seems to be taking a while so I thought I might try here instead.

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Hi @Aash,

My understanding is that there is two options currently. First option is to update your linux hardware design to include the Pmod CAN IP core.  Here is the Pmod CAN IP core which can be included into a vivado bock design. Here is our using Pmod IP tutorial. Another option is using a generic spi communication in your linux hardware design(if you have one).  If you do you would need to make your own software driver. You can use the Pmod CAN IP as a reference for configuration and use.  I have moved you thread to the embedded linux sub-section where more experienced embedded linux forum members look. I have also reached out to my co-workers to see if they have any additional input.



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