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HDMI Output demo top module




I just started working with Vivado and ZYBO board and I'm still trying to figure it out. I tried to run the HDMI Output demo project but I encountered an issue; when I try to generate the bitstream I get an error saying I haven't defined the top module.

  • ERROR: [Common 17-70] Application Exception: Top module not set for fileset 'sources_1'. Please ensure that a valid value is provided for 'top'. The value for 'top' can be set/changed using the 'Top Module Name' field under 'Project Settings', or using the 'set_property top' Tcl command (e.g. set_property top <name> [current_fileset]).

It doesn't say anything about defining the top module in the tutorial. The only design source that I can see is a hdmi_out.bd file, which contains a .vhd file but neither of them can be set as top module. I tried defining the hdmi_out.vhd file as top module by browsing throgh my computer, but when I do that I get errors for all the IPs as Black Box Instances.

  •    Description Resource Path Location Type
  •    fatal error: xil_io.h: No such file or directory fsbl.h /fsbl/src line 299 C/C++ Problem

I also tried using SDK, but I get an error saying "xil_io.h" directory doesn't exist and others are marked as unresolved inclusion. I didn't modify any of it and I honestly don't know what this directories are for.

I am using 2017.2 version of both Vivado and SDK.

Am I missing something? I would appreciate any sort of help.

Thank you.

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Hi @diana_rz,

The HDMI-OUT project was made for Vivado 2016.4. Unfortunately the version is an issue.  To get this project to work in Vivado 2017.2 you first need to make sure that you have added the vivado libraries from here to the respective folder in your project in repo->vivado vibrary. Next you need to edit the hdmi_out_bd.tcl version from 2016.4 to 2017.2 which you can find here: Zybo-hdmi-out/src/bd/hdmi_out/hw_handoff/hdmi_out_bd.tcl. When you load the project in vivado you will need to update the IP's by going to tools->report->report IP status. After updating the IP cores you will need to create a wrapper and then generate a bitstream.



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