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Shipping Costs


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I ship a product called an Electronic Lead Screw all over the world originating from Canada.  Mostly using a method called International Small Packet Air if it's outside of the Canada or the US.  A 500gm package to the US is often less than $15 Cdn shipping cost.  It's the type of shipping that doesn't require a signature.  It's a risk both my customers and I take that the package may go missing although over the last 8 years I haven't had any vanish.  I trust that my customers will honestly report that the part arrived.  Usually in under 10 days.

It's not that different ordering from China.  Long delivery times but eventually they do get here and the ones that don't are refunded or reshipped.

Yet to order $40US worth of jumpers and clips from Digilent only offers me the choice of $40 shipping by FedEx.

I suggest you offer the customer the option of untracked low cost postal shipping.  Because when the shipping matches the product cost the only option is to not order.


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Hi @jcdammeyer,

Thank you for you input into our shipping cost and options you have used to reduce cost. I have passed on your input to the appropriate co-workers. Also you might want to check out our distributors here. They might have different shipping options available to you.

thank you,


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