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Greetings from Brighton, UK

My OpenScope MZ arrived yesterday and was unpacked and up and running in under an hour. The brief tutorials show how to set up, calibrate and test the device. I then wanted to explore further but rather unimaginatively couldn't think of anything to test. After all it has a 2 channel scope, waveform generator and a logic analyser -so let's get to work. 

What has become apparent to me is a need for a test rig to explore further. I was thinking that an Arduino board would be excellent in this capacity - maybe a set of puzzles programmed that increase in complexity and allow one to explore further - and could be a teaching aid for those who haven't used scopes etc previously.

I am going to start on this in the next few days, but if anyone can think of some interesting test situations/simulations then would be pleased to hear them

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