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Hi everyone. Pleased to meet you.

Only one question for you.

What is the maximum current absorption for this module trying to supply it with 5V (extern) switching voltage regulator?

Thanks a lot for information.

C U SOON again.

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I'm not a real power supply type of guy, but ... the more I've ready from Xilinx about the topic, the more I've learned that the amount of power an FPGA will use is *highly* dependent upon the design you create within the FPGA.  Further, the Xilinx tools have means of estimating how much power the Xilinx chips will use.  I'm not sure how close those tools are to reality (just haven't measured it myself), I just ... know it's there.  I also know there are things you can do within your logic design that will increase (or decrease) your power usage.  (Global clock buffers increase your power usage, any wires that toggle within your design increases your power usage, etc.)

Still, like you, I'd be curious to hear from the Digilent designers what current assumptions they made when building a board like the CMOD S6 that is supposed to work for all users.


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Hi @Gio_Nigo,

To add to  @D@n's comments. Here is the reference manual. In section 3 it states when about half the FPGA is configured and running at 8MHz, the board consumes about 180mA from the main supply. Looking at the Spartan-6 FPGA Data Sheet: DC and Switching Characteristics here. On page three it says to not exceed a total of 100 mA per bank. There are 4 banks for I/O on the Cmod S6. So not to exceed 400 mA from the 4 banks.  



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