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petalinux Devicetree zybo




-I created a petalinux project and I imported the "hw" description then builded BOOT.BIN

-GOAL : booting linux on ZYBO and recognizing all the GPIOS where I will plug (GYRO, Accelerometre,Bleutooth,Leds,Buttons)

-assuming that the Devitree is well configured and contains all of the GPIOS , the Petalinux RG Manual contains lots of options but
I dont see at any of the steps that I should put the Devicetree alongside with BOOT.BIN and linux image in the FAT32 partition see image(1) below)
RG manual link : https://www.xilinx.com/support/documentation/sw_manuals/petalinux2015_4/ug1144-petalinux-tools-reference-guide.pdf

-I'm following this type of SD card structure (see image(2) below) and I think this is the good way 

-PS : -I already configured the SD card in two partiton (FAT32 and ext4) 
     -the ext4 partition contains a linario filesystem
     -I configured the RootFS type as "SD" in the petalinux project

what should I do  ??





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Here was the message that seemed to help out that I provided over a private message:

Typically, the image.ub file contains the device tree, ramdisk, and kernel. When wanting to boot into the ramdisk file system (instead of linaro), you only need to copy boot.bin and image.ub to the first partition of your SD. This of course means you will need to build everything you want in your file system using petalinux, which can be a chore if you are planning on using a lot of third party libraries and programs. 

So if you want to boot into Linaro, you should follow the section titled: "Configuring SD Card ext filesystem Boot" in the petalinux RG (pg 61). Be careful to skip step 9 of the section titled "PetaLinux Configuration and Build System Image" and step 3 of "Copying Image Files". This is because those steps will replace your linaro file system with one created by petalinux. If you skip them, then the kernel will just boot whatever file system is present on the second partition, in your case, Linaro.

 When you follow those steps, image.ub only contains the kernel and device tree, not the ramdisk. This should work for your purposes.


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