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Reform my bad bulb


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I am so exiting to be here cause I would like to share my experience of face-fitting my wrong old LED bulb to you.I believe someone here will like it.
Let’s go into the subject directly.
Look.this is la bad LED bulb.Inside the bulb,there is a constant current circuit about RC voltage-reducing to light the lamp beads.
Taking the bulb apart,there is a mosquito here.(So cute) This LED bulb is bad cause such a RC voltage-reducing is easy to break the lamp beads.Most of LED just flashed a while and then broken.
Basing on the following situation,I used the pink lamp beads with big power to replace the lamp beads.
The power source of whole lamp is stead voltage with 24V. The SCM in the controlling board is STC15F102 while the touching chip is AR201 which has two working model—”keeping” and “synchronous”. Here it can output the low level and then the PWM outputted after SCM review IO.I also add a fuction of power off memory,in another words,the data will write EEPROM every once a while.
This is the result I see at night.
Do you like it?

PS: I would like to design it which can be controlled by wifi in the future.Now I can’t finish it by myself,I will learn hard to realize it.Have any suggestions you want to give me? Welcome to have a discussion with me !

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