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Arty COM Port issue


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I am using vivado 2015.4 v2 and I can't get the Arty to show up as a COM port.

In Windows 7, I see the digilent device under USB Controllers but I do not see it connect as a COM port. I am also showing 2 devices with driver issues with non-useful names like usb controller and unknown device.

I can load the bitstream through the USB cable with no errors. I am running the hello world program and I can't connect to the board through teraterm etc as suggested in the tutorial.

Does this sound like a driver issue or does it sound like an issue with my block design or sdk setup?

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers as shown here: https://www.xilinx.com/support/answers/54381.html





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Unfortunately, I don't "quite" have it going yet. I am using 2015.4 as mentioned but when I try to run the hello world project I get an error that says it can't halt the microblaze which I guess is a known issue with 2015.4. As a result, this program fails to load into the microblaze. Is this solved by the git repo by chance? 

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Hi @spfoster,

Could you take a screen shot of your block design. Are you following the getting started with Microblaze tutorial here? We now have 2 different Arty boards. Just to make sure this is the board you are using. Have you tried closing sdk and relaunching it from vivado again. I have got this issue before but i believe it is not related to your design.



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Hi Jon,


That is the tutorial and board I am using. I have tried stopping the sdk and relaunching. I have also regenerated the bitstream and rexported it. No luck.

After I run as: hardware as shown in the tutorial I get an error that says: Error while launching program: Cannot stop MicroBlaze. Stalled  on instruction fetch.

The xilinx site says the MMI flow is recommended but I am new to this so I have not spent the time to figure out what that means.

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