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Manage interrupt on zybo with linux



Hi !

I'm still working to add a RF module (MRF24J40) on my zybo. The SPI communication works fine, but I have some trouble with interrupt. I'm using linux-yocto as kernel.

Here is the design in vivado :


The AXI_GPIO 0 and 1 are to use leds, buttons and swtichs on zybo. The AXI_SPI is used to communicate with MRF24J40. And the AXi_GPIO 2 is 3bits wide, one for wake, one for reset, and one for interrupt (for MRF24J40). The interrupts are enable on the AXI_GPIO2. I don't know if it is a good practice to enable interrupt for wake and reset too ?

Here is the interrupt enable in the zynq :


Then the interesting part of my dts :


First of all, I'm not sure to understand what is the interrupt signal in the AXI_SPI. But it seems to have an interrupt, address 61 in kernel, and the interrupt from AXI_GPIO2 should be address 62 right ?

Here what I have if I execute a "cat /proc/interrupts" :


It seems there isn't the axi_gpio2 interrupt. What am I doing wrong ? Do you have any tips ?





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