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Programming Flash CMOD A7



Hi all,

I programmed my flash recently, but the sdk .elf file didn't seem to be working so I attempted the whole process again. However, now my board seems to be stuck in somewhere not so good. When I plug the USB in, only a red led is on, compared to originally before flash, the orange done led was also on. Also, now I can no longer program the qspi flash in vivado hardware manager anymore. It always fails during the programming stage because the blank check fails. Is my flash stuck in some kind of mode? Also, how can I clear it and restore my fpga to it's original state? Thanks!

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As I recall, the last person who had a similar problem had us chasing flash problems for a while, only to find out later that his problem had nothing to do with the flash.

Can you try programming from another USB cable, directly from the back of your computer (not the front side USB), with no USB hub?

Let me know if that helps anything,


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