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First digilent project


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Hello everybody,

My name is Simon, I'm currently working in an R and T department, trying to design a prototype using the MyRIO motoradapter.

My background is mechanical engineering and I already have made simple prototypes using python and a Phidgets motor adapter.

But I have to use a MyRIO for this project and I have to code in C++ (no labview for me :( ) and here, the problem begins....

Have any of you ever seen such projects ? I can't find any example on the net and to be honest, the small exemple by NI on the C++ for MyRIO aren't clear for a newbie like me.

Any help will be much appreciated, I can't find anything on the forum... The motor is not even started yet ! :) 


Have a nice day


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Hi Jon,

Sorry to bother you again,

I've started to look into some code and I think I'll manage it but I still need some clarifications. I hope they will appear very basic for you but again, this is not my area of expertise :).

When it is written in the Motor Adaptor Overview: "Speed/Torque is controlled by setting the duty cycle on the PWM0 pin". But If I want a permanent motor, should I send 100 to the pin or the maximum tension ? In addition, is this the pin that control the stop/start of the motor ?

Thank you very much for your support.



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Hi @Minikurt,

You are correct with the Speed/torque and stop start question. At the bottom of that PDF in the Using the Adapter with myRIO section it goes into detail like direction is controlled by setting the myRIO “DIR0” or “DIR1” pin HIGH or LOW and speed/torque is controlled by setting the duty cycle on the myRIO PWM0 and/or PWM1 pins.



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