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IG-22GM (6V) Datasheet is Incorrect



I'm trying to find a fairly low cost, low power motor with a built in encoder for the students in my mechatronics class.  I came across this motor on the Digilent website:




However, the datasheet at the bottom of the page is for the 12V and 24V version of this motor, so it is difficult for me to detemine if this motor will meet my needs.  Additionally, I'm trying to teach my students to read datasheets, so having an accurate datasheet to perform interfacing comparisons and computations is important.


Does anyone have the datasheet that actually matches the 6V version of this motor that is being sold?


Thank you!

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Hi DoctorJ,


From what I understand, there are two motors that Digilent provides; the 12V motor that you see in the datasheets with a 1/19 ratio and the 6V motor that you see in the photo with a 1/53 ratio. You can choose between the two options once you attempt to add them to the checkout cart. 


As for the datasheet of the 6V motor, I have made the pdf available on this dropbox link since I can't seem to find the datasheet anywhere else online.


Let me know if you have any more questions.




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