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Arty and Analog Shield


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Has anyone used the Analog Shield with the Arty.

The Arty states on its ChipKit interface:

  "Note: The Arty is not compatible with shields that output 5V digital or analog signals. Driving pins on the Arty shield connector above 5V may cause damage to the FPGA. "

Looking at the schematics, it seems like using the SPI to drive the DACs and read the ADCs on the "Analog Shield" shouldn't be a problem from the "Arty", however that disclaimer makes me think otherwise.  Given the "Analog Shield" has +/-7.5VDC supplies, I am hesitant to purchase an "Analog Shield" for use with the Arty.

Any incites would be greatly appreciated.  If they are compatible boards, that would be a very convenient combination.

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