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ISE design suite problem with coolruner 2

Pete Johnson

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 I'm using ISE Design Suite 14.7 to create my design, a simple 25 bit counter and comparator to generate a 1 sec pulse from 28.8 MHz clock.. The problem I have is when I try to finalize the design to create fuse file ect to program the CPLD. If i select Coolruner II as my device I'll get the following error: Cpld:1244 Unexpected Exception and then it runs continues  to run, fit completes successfully, then the tool crashes. However if I select another device like Spartan3 for example then it runs to completion with no problems and creates all the files for Impact to run. I've tries several coolruner2 configurations with the same result.


Does anyone know how to avoid this problem so I can load the design in the coolruner2. Any thoughts or direction for help on this would be appreciated.


Thanks .




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