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ADP3250 - Bad timing result when using dll after power sequence

Danny Cote


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Device: ADP3250
Software: digilent.waveforms_v3.21.3_64bit.exe

When a power cycle is performed, all timing measurements using DLL(logic analyzer mode) are wrong until I load one time Wave GUI, after that all measurements using DLL are fine until next power sequence.

Do you have an idea what I did wrong or wich call si missing



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  • No I didn't set system frequency with FDwf[Device]ParamSet DwfParamFrequency:
    • I didn't see this setting in AnalogInDigitalIn_Acquisition.py sample.
  • This can explain behavior since I was expecting clock @ 125Mhz, so my calculation was wrong for a clock speed @ 100Mhz and fixed when I was loading a savd Wave configuration already set @ 125Mhz

I will try to add this setting


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