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mcc 152 TTL with external trigger of clock?




so far when I needed a TTL using the MCC152 I used a Python script loop to change the state of an output pin from low to high and back with a time command between them. 

with the GPIO pins of the Pi, one can generate a CMOS signal using a PWM command which is, I guess controlled by the Pi clock. But I can't do this at the TTL (0-5V) level.

is there a way to combine the two? using the CMOS PWM from the pi GPIO pins as an external trigger for TTL signal from the MCC 152? or using the clock of the pi? in other words, I need a way to generate a TTL from the mcc152 without setting high and low in every cycle. 


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There is no hidden functionality that would allow you to combine the two to achieve a 5 volt PWM signal.  Instead, you could investigate how to add an external transistor to a GPIO so that when it is off, the collector (NPN) or source (FET) is pulled up to 5 volts via a pull-up resistor. 

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