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WebDAQ 316 Wifi Dongle Not Connecting



We purchased a WebDAQ 316 and a recommended Wifi dongle (Panda Wireless pau05). When we plug in the wifi adapter the network is shown correctly:


But the problem is when we go to connect it to the network asks for the internet password, we input the password (it is the correct password) gives us this error:


then proceeds to send us back to the beginning wait 10 seconds for the networks to show up, then disappear once again. Mind you we are connecting with a rj45 to get into the console in the web browser address bar. I would still think this would let me connect the network adapter so that i can put it in another location where is ethernet unavailable.

We have noticed that we are able to connect the webdaq when the network is open, with not network password. Hope yall can help. Thanks

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We support the following security types NONE, WEP, or WPA/WPA2-PSK. Your Guest network may be a better choice. If it's like ours, it is configured with less security for guests who visit the company. 

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