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Encountered storage issue with WebDAQ316



Our customer used WebDAQ 316. In the past two days, feedback has been provided that the device is using external network sharing for mounting storage, and can only select one channel for collection. Selecting multiple channels keeps prompting that the memory is full.

1. When the internal storage prompt of the device is full, try deleting the file later

After setting the device as an FTP server, no files can be queried through computer access

2. The webdaq browser page also cannot display any files

Core issue: The display shows that the storage is full and cannot be read.

Please help to find out solutions are available, thank you!




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Hello, I am using an external FTP drive to save data from a WebDAQ 504 and have not encountered the same error. If you turn off the FTP server option, can you return to saving data to the internal memory, or is it full?

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