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USB-2416-4AO DI/O use with 3 phase motor



I am powering a 3phase motor 230/460V 22.4Amps and want to use a contact so I can power it on and off using the digilent daq. 

I know the daq can analog output 0-5V or 4-20mA but dont know how that can control the 3 phase motor.

Can you provide information on how to find the correct contactor so I can drive the motor with the daq. I am unsure so any feedback would be appreciated. 

An electrical schematic or equipment list would be great.

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The analog outputs are rated for +/-10 volts at +/-3.5mA.

Controlling a 3-phase 230/460 motor is hazardous, and you should consult with an engineer familiar with this area. 

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