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Background noise when acquiring voltage data using analog input on USB-1808X



We have developed a C# application which uses the USB-1808X. The USB-1808X received voltage data on analog input channels 0, 1 and 2.

If the computer application is using power that is dirty, we see background noise in the voltage data. Since the USB is providing power to the data logger, I guess the dirty power is impacting the analog inputs.

I have noticed that there are USB filters. You connect the USB filter to the computer and then connect the USB cable from the device to the USB filter. Do you have any thoughts on this strategy?

DataQ advertises an anti-aliasing filter.  The filter is used before a signal sampler to restrict the bandwidth of a signal to satisfy the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem over the band of interest.





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Hello @PhilipW.

I am unaware of any MCC device testing with USB filters.  Reply with your results if you do test with the USB hardware filters. 

Do you have an option to clean up the power signal to the PC?

Another thought is to add custom data filtering algorithms to your C# software application. 




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