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USB-2416-4AO DI/O Support



Hi I am working on actuating a valve using a relay and want to confirm the relay's that I selected will work. The valve itself uses 1.39A but the DAQ provides a 0,5V signal to switch the relay and turn on the DAQ. 


The relay I selected is shown below please let me know if the relay will work with the DAQ and power the valve. 





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I think it should work. However, the USB-2416 digital output works like a switch. So, connect the (+) relay control to +V (external power supply) and the relay control (-) to the digital output. Connect the +V ground to the USB-2416 ground. When the output is set low, the current will flow from +V to the ground through the output. 

The user manual, page 18, shows the output transistor configuration. It is nothing more than a MOSFET transistor configured as an open drain. 

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