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How to take single (fresh) reading of all channels specified in the Channel List





We are using the MEASure:VOLTage? (@0:6) SCPI command to request 7 voltages from our MEASUREpoint Instrument as specified in the SCPI Programmer’s UM-23650-L Manual for LXI MEASURpoint Instruments) (for TEMPpoint, VOLTpoint, and Measurement Instruments)

This is working; however, we need to ensure that a new reading is taken before returning the values.  (Since we can make this query at @ 25ms and the minimum DAQ Acquistion time is 100ms, we can likely get stale readings) We would like to avoid the complexity of setting a SCAN and dealing with emptying the buffers.

Anyone have suggestions for take a single 7-channel reading that forces a new reading?





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