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Custom channel scaling? Analog Discovery 3 / WaveForms



Is there a way to achieve a similar thing to what picoscope7 does like in the attached screenshot?
Where you could define something like:
10.000V = 50g
5.930V = 1g
5.868V = 0g
5.806V = -1g
2.000V = -50g
and it runs like a normal analog scope channel but with that scaling applied?

Screen Shot 2024-05-07 at 10.14.16 AM.png

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After setting up the probe table, I hear a relay click in my AD3 and it displays a wrong reading (-149.0466G)
when I set it to the 10G/div range I hear a relay click again and it displays a more correct reading, but appears to be off by -0.2G 
going to 5G/div I hear the relay click again and -149.0466G reading..

this is a 4-20mA 500Ω sense resistor that I normally read in the 500mV/div range which is less noisy than the 1V/div range

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Hi @qwertylex

The problem is probably the offset setting. The application adjusts voltage offset based on the table to fit top and bottom levels, the mean of these two converted to voltage... Too high or low voltage value can force high range to be used.


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