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How to configure software to get outputs on USB-205?

John Wayne


I can configure the input channels, see signals, and run acquisitions, both analog and digital. The visual displays and saved data files work correctly.

However, I cannot get output channels configured. The output voltage setting works as shown on the output control box (see below). I have found no place to set the frequency or wave shape of the outputs, either analog or digital. How do I do this?

The help files at  Daqami Help (digilent.com)  do not describe how to configure the output channels. The user manual for DAQami (Help revision 1.0 / Software 0.9 Pre-release / June 2013) has no description for configuring the output channels.

Maybe there is an updated version of DAQami application or help files that would give me further information? I might be misunderstanding some things. Is there someone I could talk to about these questions? What is a good phone number to call?  Or can I do a chat via email with a person?

help with outputs.pdf

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Consider the DASYLab BASIC software, which costs $1299.00. However, updating the analog output port is limited to 100 S/s. If you don't have $1299.00 and are familiar with LabVIEW, you could use the free Community version and our LabVIEW VI's to generate a slow waveform. If you are a programmer, we also have C and Python support.


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