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The voltage output of USB-1608G

Roger Lo


Dear all,

There is a customer who uses the USB-1608G with the underwater 4 units of Hydrophone TC4013.

They set the voltage to +1 voltage with DIFF mode on DAQami.

They found the voltage of the four channels is "-1" when they only connect the four TC4013 if they only select CH0~CH3 on DAQami.

The voltage becomes normal (+1 voltage) if they select all 8 channels (CH0~CH7).

Is the voltage normal?



The user asks if they need to connect the load on the channels or not on the unused channels to let all the voltage of the channels with +1 voltage.

If it is needed, could you suggest how to set it up?

Thank you

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Hello @Roger Lo.

Please confirm DAQami is set to Differential mode.



Select only those channels with a sensor connection.



Please verify the wiring connections to the USB-1608G analog input terminals are for differential wiring.  Add 100 kΩ resistors between CH#L and AGND terminals.  



Is the customer using a preamplifier with the TC4013 sensor?



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