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USB-TC DAQ's not recognized by Instacal or not configurable by Instacal



Hi, I have used a USB-TC device before and didn't have any trouble. Recently, while running an experiment, the computer gave me an error and said it didnt recognize the usb connection to the USB-TC device anymore. Tried many times to run instacal on it, but it simply didn't even detect it. Found another USB-TC in my lab and connected it successfully, only to fail after half an hour of running and now instacal can see it, but calibration fails, configuration gets hung up, unusable.

I installed instacal in another computer that had never had it installed to test if my lab computer is creating an issue. Got same results for both devices.

Is there a way to troubleshoot/repair/reset these devices, please?

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Information about how to repair a USB-TC is not readily available, but I might be able to have them repaired. Please send me a private message with both device serial numbers and your phone/email/shipping address. The repair process takes 4-5 weeks. If it can be repaired, my customer service department will contact you.

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