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I have previously received a USB-2416-4AO from Digilent. Now I am trying to use this to run and collect data from my test rig. The goals are:

1. Energize a solenoid valve to open position through the DI/O port

2. Receive a pressure upper value to de-energize the solenoid valve to closed position holding that pressure

3. Wait for a certain period before energizing the solenoid valve again, and then waiting for a period before repeating the same process again for a certain number of cycles

So essentially, I need to automate the process based on a pressure signal, number of time steps and number of cycles to be performed. I also need to automate the counter input to be able to give me event number for the given time step because I am assuming the counter ports of this DAQ would not be able to read a frequency wave directly?

Based on this, what software do you recommend? Please keep in mind that this is to be used for a research project at Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada and therefore cost of the product should reflect that.

Many thanks,

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If your budget is tight, consider the free Community version of National Instruments LabVIEW. Our LabVIEW support for the Counter Input has a timed mode. It can measure frequency in timed mode by counting pulses over a desired period. For instance, if the period is one second and it determines that 100 pulses have occurred, then the frequency is 100 Hz. 

Another approach is to create your own Python script to do what you want. 

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Both LabVIEW and Python are programming environments that can automate a process. If you are unfamiliar with either one, consider the DASYLab BASIC ($1,299.00) software, which has a shorter learning curve. 

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