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Counter Inputs on USB-2416-4AO





I have a question regarding the counter input port on the DAQ. I have a flow sensor connected to a scaler (F5140 scaler, pdf attached) which will then send a pulse output to the DAQ. On the scaler specs, it asks to supply voltage that the DAQ itself would be able to handle. I am guessing a 12V DC would be appropriate here given the counter ports can handle +-15V right? Also for the DAQ's minimum current requirements for actually being able to read a signal from the scaler, there is no information regarding this in the user guide. I would need this value to determine if I can use the internal pull-up resistor on the scaler or I would have to resort to an external one. Is there any internal pull up on the counter ports of the DAQ and would they have to be disabled here?


Your help is highly appreciated!


Flo-tech-F5140-F5141-manual.pdf Flo-Tech-K-scale-factor-datasheet.pdf

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