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Cmod A7-35T Demo Project


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I had to get a separate FT2232H module board to make my UART.  The FT2232 can only be used as a UART if you make a block project and instantiate the AXI UART IP.  For my project it had to be no SW and no IP (other than the MMCM and BRAM).


I am curious how you worked around this issue, I burned a lot of time trying to figure out how to implement a full-duplex UART in VHDL, but concluded that the Rx and Tx pins in the XDC file are not what they seem.  I used I/O resource and wired the two mod boards on sockets on a project board.  I even used the HW flow control signals.


Now I have upgraded my Vivado to 2021.2 and Vivado won't recognize the Board file, now I can't program the board.


Does anyone know what I can do to get a board file for CMOD-A7-35t that Vivado 2021.2 will be able to read?CMOD-A7-35t_Critical-Error-768x86.png

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This project is NOT related to the Digilent OOB Microblaze project!

This project does not use the IPI flow or any soft processor.

The nomenclature that Digilent uses for its USB UART can be confusing. It all depends on perspective. If you look at the sources for this project you may glean some helpful information. There are UART Verilog and VHDL implementations posted on this forum. Of course you have to sort out signal direction relative to the hardware to make them work.

Unfortunately, since the project was posted Xilinx has changed a lot of syntax for constraints as well as well as how board files work and even basic Xilinx IP database structure making use of Vivado 2021.2 problematic for older version demos with source code. Up to Vivado 2019.2 any version of the tools could be used to build this project without work-arounds. Recent versions of Vivado have depreciated the older Digient board files method in favor of the xHub for Vivado 2020.2 and now the Vivado Store in Vivado 2021.2. Version compatibility was the main reason for this project being posted. You can find the source for this project at the top of the thread.

This project was posted to provide a simpler alternative to the standard Digilent Microblaze demo for the CMOD. It still provides some nice functionality, like being able to read and write logic resources using a standard serial terminal application; but since the only comments being posted to this project are in reference to someone else's project I'm considering removing it.

Every new version of the tools gets more and more problematic for developers using an HDL design flow.
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