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MCC USB-DIO32HS acquisition time for fast pulses.




We bought this device for a shock and vibe test of an assembly. We need to make sure none of the 24 switches and contacts change state while they wiggle vigorously for 6 hours and the .csv file would be the official proof report if every columns passed the test.

If i set the sampling rate to 1000, i can only log 16 minutes?

Do you have a software other than DAQami that can do that or log a much longer scenario?

Cant i configure something so it never logs unless any of the them inputs change state? Or another software that can do that?

Many thanks,

Micaël from Fuji Electric

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We recommend the DASYLab software for applications that capture over a million scans.

An XOR gate module could be used for your application to check the data while it is being saved. You would connect one input to the USB-DIO32HS input and the other to a global variable, which is set to the ideal response. The module will set its output to TRUE if the two are different.  For example, if the global variable is set to 255 and the response from the device is 254, the gate's output will be set to TRUE. A Counter module could be used to count the number of times the gate transitions from FALSE to TRUE. DASYLab BASIC is the minimum package for this kind of application.


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