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My “usb-1208hs-4ao” analog output is not working.



We previously purchased the DAQ USB 1208hs-4ao product from Measurement Computing (MCC) for use and programmed it with Python to generate arbitrary waveform voltages from all four analog outputs. It worked well until there was a circuit short with the analog output we were using. After that incident, all four channels couldn't be programmed anymore. Regardless of whether it's through Python or the Daq free software we downloaded, the analog outputs only provide the same voltage values and cannot be changed.

We would like to know the appropriate steps for repairing this equipment. Does the company offer repair services? If so, what are the associated costs and procedures?

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The USB-1208HS-4AO is repairable, so you can contact your local Digilent distributor about having it repaired.  

MCC Distributor

294/71-77, 4th Fl., Room 407
Rom Klao Rd. Khlong Sam Prawet
Lad Krabang, Bangkok 10520
Phone: +66 2 184 9761 
Fax: +66 2 184 9760
Website: www.bliss.com.sg
Email: contact@bliss.co.th


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Posted (edited)

Is there a cost associated with the repair? If so, could you please provide an estimate or give a rough idea of the expected expenses? Thank you.

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