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Defining DT9817-R Pins in C code




I already read through all the documentation (SDK and also User Manual for DT9817) however I couldn't find anything on how to define pins on the module with C SDK. I want to set an output signal to 1 on a certain single Digital Out pin (lets say Digital Out 2), how to do that exactly? Thank you!

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Thank you for the reply, I've already went through the code but still couldn't find where can I initialize certain port to have an output 1. I guess maybe this one, but I am not sure... 

/* put all 1's single value */

   CHECKERROR (olDaGetResolution(board.hdass,&resolution));
   value = (1L<<resolution)-1;

   CHECKERROR (olDaPutSingleValue(board.hdass,value,channel,gain));


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