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Issues with Thermocouple Specifications



I downloaded both the datasheet and user guide for the USB-TC.  When I started looking at the specs for the Type T thermocouple, there was a huge difference between the two documents (attached).  Which of these manuals is correct?  If it is the datasheet, are the specs between 0°C and -200°C interpolated for values other than 0° and -200°C?  Same for 0° to 400°C.  If the User Guide is correct, how are the temperatures above 400°C calculated?  The polynomial equations for Type T only go as high as 400°C but the spec goes to 600°C.  If the datasheet is correct, then how can the Type T range be -570° to 400° when absolute zero is -273.15°C (-459.67°F, 0°K, 0°R)?

Measurement Computing_USB-TC_UG_HM-USB-TC_Rev10A_10-1-2016.pdf Measurement Computing_USB-TEMP_USB-TC_TD_USB-TEMP-TC_Rev7_10-1-2018.pdf

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