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MCC128 not visible on Raspberry Pi




I am working with the MCC128 ADC hat for the raspberry pi.  I have two and initially they worked with your demo code.  Subsequently, the boards stopped working and I am told "No HAT devices found."  This is both on RPi 4 and RPi 5 running bookworm.

I do not know where to start to troubleshoot this problem.  Can you assist?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @komondor.

What changed from the time the MCC 128 boards did work?

Using a Raspberry 5 model with one MCC 128 board installed, remove the address jumper and then uninstall the MCC DAQHATS library using the steps below via a terminal.  Afterward install the MCC daqhats software branch (beta version for RPi 5 modules. https://github.com/mccdaq/daqhats/tree/pi5

1. $ cd daqhats

2. $ sudo ./uninstall.sh

3. $ git pull

4. $ git checkout pi5

5. $ sudo ./install.sh

6. $ pip install daqhats (manually add Python support)

You can switch back to the released library by uninstalling the library, running “git checkout master”, and then installing the library.

Use the installed MCC DAQ HAT Manager utility application to verify communication with the MCC 128 or terminal commands.

$ sudo daqhats_read_eeproms

$ daqhats_list_boards

Does the MCC 128 work?  

If the board is not detected, then power off the RPi and swap out the MCC 128 board.  Is the second board detected by the MCC DAQ HAT Manager utility application or terminal commands?  Reply with screen captures and images of your hardware if the issue is not resolved.



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Thank you Fausto for your quick response.

Following your directions I now have a working set up using a RPi 5.

Does you answer suggest that the mcc128 will not work with a RPi 4?

Now I have to work on building a working circuit to measure.


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