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Basic display required for 6 channel analogue +/- 0-10V signal with math channel



I am looking for the most basic numerical display on a Windows PC for seeing 6channels analogue bi-directional +/- 10V from a Digilent MCC USB-1608GX data aquisition module.. is it best to use the DAQami software that comes with it....? are there any videos showing its use or operation..?  I also need to do a complicated math function using a x-talk decoupling matrix into the live data.. can I do this live on screen within the software, or do I have to upload the data recorded into a csv file, transpose it into Excel and then do the math..??  I have a 6DOF multi-axis load cell with amplified output and need to provide a live resultant and directional force & moment readings on screen...

Can you help..?


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Hello @BricanUK.

You can use DAQami to display the captured data from the MCC USB-1608GX module.  DAQami has a scaling option (multiplier and offset) but cannot perform complicated math functions nor does DAQami support any third party application integration.  Data processing is done post acquisition, not live, using the .CSV or .TDMS data files.

DAQami Help



DAQami videos:



Alternative options would be DASYLab, LabVIEW or custom MCC Universal Library programming.




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