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DASYLab Configurator requires Admin permission?



Recently, due to security issues Admin rights have been revoked and every time configurator needs adjusting we need to have an IT staff to enter their credentials.

Before the change, never even realized this was needed, has become a strain on both our Lab techs as well as our IT department.

Is there a way to bypass the Admin requirement to simply open and adjust configurator?


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Hello @Labrat.

Which version of DASYLab and Windows OS are you using?

If someone with admin rights installed DASYLab on the target system and now your Windows user account no longer has those privileges, then you will need someone with admin rights.  Try installing DASYLab on a different system using your non-admin user account.  Do you still have an issue using the Configurator?  If not, check with your IT to determine if DASYLab can be reinstalled on the initial system using a non-admin user account.



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2016 on some machines, also in the process of migrating to 2020 (tried 2022 but unsuccessful running our previous worksheets, were told Python scripting will not work, half of our DL worksheets are using Python scripting).

Edition    Windows 10 Business
Version    22H2
Installed on    ‎12/‎18/‎2023
OS build    19045.4046
Experience    Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19053.1000.0

Not sure I fully understand the Admin suggestion....

Same Configurator Admin PW requirements for all versions installed with or without Admin privileges.

I was logged in with no Admin rights and after initializing the DASYLab installation am prompted for Admin PW in order to continue installing.

Our headquarters only allows Admin rights to our IT dept.

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