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How to interface an ADC

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Hello forum!!!

   I want to interface an ADC(AD9255/65) to zynq Soc. I have tried with on board ADC which is 1MSPS, but i want to interface a high speed ADC (125MSPS) which is necessary for my application. Can you please explain me the whole procedure and any documentation. I want to design  vivado block design and export it in hardware sdk......


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Hi T106A81,

This is a big project. If you just need a 125 MS/s ADC, you could take a look at the Zmod Scope & Zmod Digitizer variants that support that rate, along with an Eclypse. Note that Digilent's example code generally doesn't run at 125 MS/s out of the box either, so there are additional steps that would need to be taken to modify existing demo material. IP designed for those products is at least somewhat similar to what you would need to create for AD9255/65, but I don't have all of the details. The ADC vendor likely also provides some sample code.



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AXI GPIO is intended for much slower software access to I/Os. You really do need a dedicated hardware design capable of initializing your ADC and properly handling the data coming in as defined by the ADC and FPGA datasheets.

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