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best way to write with python into USB-3105




We bought USB-3105, SN: 107094. I want to write a code in python to make it automatically run analog 5 volts voltage on a chosen channel, preferably as a function. 

I tried to use the example codes but they give many errors and I am not sure which code is the right one. I'm using Python 3.12 and I have downloaded InstaCal.

Thank you in advance, Inbar

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Have a look at v_out.py and ULAO01.py. These two examples will work with your device. Outputs can be set with either the v_out or the a_out function. The v_out function takes floats for data and a_out an integer. 

data_value = 3.0
channel = 0
ul.v_out(board_num, channel, ULRange.UNI10VOLTS, data_value, 0)

You could use a_out_scan, but the rate cannot exceed 100 divided by the number of scanned channels. Underneath, it uses a_out to update the channels. However, it has a SIMULTANEOUS scan option that can be used to update all the channels simultaneously. 

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