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Matlab support on MCC USB-1604HS-2AO with digital trigger




I would like to use Matlab to control my MCC USB-1604HS-2AO, which will operate in a digital trigger mode. The trigger TTL voltage is from 0 to 5 V. I want one data point collected in BNC channel 0 at every rising edge of the trigger. The input voltage is from -1 V to +1 V. The trigger frequency is around 65 kHz.

How should I code it in Matlab?

Thank you!

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If you were writing a program using Python or C/C++/C#, I recommend using the external clock instead of the external trigger. The external trigger starts an acquisition, while the external (pacer) clock input controls sampling. Unfortunately, neither the trigger nor the external clock is supported when using MCC devices and the MatLab Data Acquisition Toolbox. Contact the Mathwork if you have questions or need support.

Another approach is to access our API from within Matlab. The following provides a brief example of what I mean: https://digilent.com/reference/daq-and-datalogging/documents/using-ul-for-dotnet-with-matlab

To enable the external clock, include ExtClock in myscanoptions:

myscanoptions = MccDaq.ScanOptions.ScaleData | MccDaq.ScanOptions.ExtClock;

The UL Help documentation download can be found here: https://digilent.com/reference/software/universal-library/windows/start


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