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VB6 with UL and no Instacal on Windows 10 and 11 (USB1208LS)



Our company fielded more than 10K USB-1208LS devices before 2016. We currently have a VB6 application and would like to support these units WITHOUT installing Instacal for Windows. The VB6 application currently works well with Windows 10 and 11. The VB6 development system is installed on a Windows 11 workstation.


  1. What is the smallest version of Universal Library (smallest libraries) that can be used with our installer? (We do not want to use the UL installer. We want to use our installer to copy the necessary files/libraries and then register them on the PC if necessary.)
  2. Does any documentation demonstrate which files/libraries are needed? And where should they be saved?
  3. Are there any examples?

We do not wish to use Instacal for Windows. We want to call the UL functions from our VB6 application to directly detect and configure any required files for the attached USB-1208LS device.

We need to obtain the USB1208LS serial number. We also need to start and stop analog AD conversions.

Thanks for your consideration. Any suggestions or samples would be greatly appreciated.

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I have attached the UL Redistribution PDF, and the minimum InstaCal installation program is https://files.digilent.com/downloads/InstaCal/icalsetup.exe. The PDF lists the necessary files for a custom installer program. 

Use a program like 7-Zip to extract icalsetup.exe to gain access to the driver folders and other necessary files described in ULRedistribution.pdf. Ignore the download links, as they are outdated.

The attached VB6 DaqDevDiscovery01 example program will demonstrate how to programmatically discover the device (without InstaCal) and get the serial number (UniqueID).  For additional information about the UL API, refer to the UL Help document

ULRedistribution.pdf DaqDevDiscovery01.FRM DaqDevDiscovery01.vbp

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Thank you for your rapid response.

In your response, you mention that "the minimum Instacalinstallation program is ..."

To be clear, we do NOT want to install Instacal for Windows. I remember seeing a document that described how to use UL WITHOUT Instacal. The UL has functions for detecting boards (instead of relying on configuration files created by Instacal.) This is what we want to do.


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