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Beginner trying to program a device in Vidado and failing (stuck stuck stuck)



Hi really hope one of you "smart" people can help me.

I am new to the world of FPGA and wrote first program and trying to download using a XUP USB-JTAG Programming Cable.

So lets get all the facts.

1) The device can be seen from the Hardware manager as Xilinx Embedded Platform USB Firmware loader
2) My Connections are fine as I validated them on a boundary scan tool (can see the device in bscan)
3) Do the HW Manager, Open New HW Target, local... says Select Hardware Target and nothing is there in list
4) Measure TCK during this process on activity, lines stayed "high".

I am likely missing something fundamental but being a newbie I am scratching my head and searches on Internet do not help in any ways.

Many Regards


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Hi @Jayman,

It looks like the incorrect cable driver is being installed, based on how it is showing up. There are some instructions on how to fix this in this post on a similar forum thread here:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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