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Hello and looking for some help



Hello, I am an experimental R&D scientist that is looking to build a new experimental test setup, and one thing I will need is a DAQ/PLC system that will be capable of logging 4-6 analog inputs, and be able to supply a few output signals to control some rotary/switch valves.  I'm looking at the MCC USB-1208HS-4AO, it looks like it will provide me with what I need.  I have some experience in the past with setting a system like this up, but I wanted to get some input on whether or not this unit will be able to do what want it to.  I have some flow schematics of what my test system will look like, I would like to get some input on how to actually have my system do what I want it to.   Please let me know if a video call would be easier for me to explain what I want to do, I'd rather not post my design details on the forum.



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