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CMOD-A7 not accessable anymore after using FT_PROG



Hi guys, I face the same  problem as some others. My CMOD-A7 35T is no longer accessible by Vitis after using FT-Prog.
A EEPROM content comparison with a working one shows no difference except the serial number.
May I ask for that tool to recover the CMOD-A7?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi guys, I could dive a little deeper into the topic.
FT-Prog seems to clear the user area of the EEPROM, which seem to hold digilent-specific additional and necessary info.
I could write the user area content of a working CMOD-A7 to the user area of the non-working, which finally fixed the problem.

Thanks anyway for anyone who considered to help me.

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Hi @AndyJoe,

I did not get the chance to reply yesterday, but I am glad to hear that you were able to restore functionality. Believe it or not, you are one of the very few people who have succeeded in restoring functionality on your own.


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