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InstaCal and TracerDAQ Freezing

Kogan P


Hi everyone, I hope this is the place to come to for questions about InstaCal and TracerDAQPro. I was running a test with thermocouples using TracerDAQ and a board I had just calibrated using InstaCal, spontaneously in the middle of the test, TracerDAQ sort of pooped out and every thermocouple instantly read 320.22°F and flatlined there. I opened up InstaCal to recalibrate, but when I right-clicked the board, and hit "Calibrate" it froze (eventually popping up with "Not Responding"), and I could not get past that step. 

TracerDAQ would not load because the board was no longer calibrated, so I could not continue the test. However, I know the board was working and TracerDAQ was working, so it seemed like the InstCal was the issue. That was last Friday, then today, I tried testing it again, and now TracerDAQ is freezing up just like InstaCal when I try to open up a StripChart. Anyway, this is really random, and nothing seemed to have caused these issues. 

One more detail, when I installed InstaCal, it immediately wanted me to enable an update feature (I wish I got a screenshot), which I ignored for a bit, but even enabling that feature did not seem to fix anything....and I doubt it was the problem, but maybe. 

Anyway, I'm considering just uninstalling and reinstalling everything, (our IT tried doing a scan for corrupted files and other issues with my computer itself, but didn't find anything), but I'd rather not if there's a simpler solution. Appreciate any help!

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Never mind about TracerDAQ right now. I think the update that you missed is essential. You can force it by running HIDRegUpdater.exe located in \Program Files (x86)\Measurement Computing\DAQ\. It instructs Windows to not remove USB power from the device. Once you have completed the update, repower the device by re-inserting the USB. Then, rerun InstaCAl. There is no need to calibrate the device as it was calibrated before leaving the factory. InstaCal has a test feature (Test->Analog) that allows you to read the temperatures. After, close InstaCal and run TracerDAQ.

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