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Syncing 4 DT9837A issue



I am syncing 4 DT9837A devices using RJ45 cables connected in a parallel circuit.Which are connected to 13 sensors. During a test run I encountered that one device recored values of around 5000+ in all of its channels. And in other 3 device's channel values stayed around a 100 ±10. The sensor sensitivity was set to 0.01mV/unit for all the 13 channels. 

Do resources like RAM and CPU cores affect directly or indirectly affect the sample values?
For example, if everything is running on high RAM memory and full CPU cores during start or during acquisition could lead to erratic sample values?

Would really appreciate if someone could help me out here. 

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Host system resources would not affect the sample values of 1 device in your configuration of 4x DT9837A devices.  If you are seeing an issue with device #1, then swap out just the device with device #2.  If the issue follows device #1, then test that device alone to determine if it needs to be sent in for repair.  If the issue remains with that first position (now device #2), then check your cables, sensors, and code for the device in position #1.



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