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Generate and acquire data with DT9857E




i'm trying to generate and acquire signals for a study using a DT9857E box, so i wrote a short code(using matlab and the DAQ Toolbox) to test wether the result could be satisfying or not. The code is written this way:

clear all, clc, close all
s = daq("dt");
fAbtast = 50e3;
s.Rate = fAbtast; %1000;
BoxName = 'DT9857E-16(00)';
addoutput(s,BoxName, '0', 'Voltage');
addinput(s,BoxName,'0', 'Voltage');

fIn = 1e3;
t = 0:1/fAbtast:1-1/fAbtast;
x = sin(2*pi*fIn*t);

Output_data = x'*1.2;
Input_data = readwrite(s, Output_data);
time_vec = seconds(Input_data.Time);
plot(time_vec, Output_data)
hold on
plot(time_vec, Input_data.Variables)
hold off
grid on
legend(["Output Signal","Acquired Signal"])

The result looks this way.


Any Idea on why the acquired signal does look that way? Since i just connected an output channel to an input channel, the same output signal or at least likely was expected to be acquired.

I even try to reproduce the example in the following matlab documentation: Simultaneously Acquire Data and Generate Signals - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks Deutschland

but the result did not look great :

%% Example from Matlab's documentation
% A session has been already defined
output = cos(linspace(0,2*pi,1000)');

data1 = readwrite(s, output);

hold on
ylabel("Voltage (V)") 
%title("Acquired Signal");
legend(["Output Data","Acquired Signal"])


below is an enlarged view of the acquired signal


Any suggestion to fix this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your reply :)

I also attached a matlab file with the code if one may want to reproduce these results.


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Hello everyone,

i'll really appreciate any suggestion to fix this issue with Matlab DAQ Adaptator and the DT9857E while trying to generate and acquire signals.

Thanks for your reply! 


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Hello Fausto,

thank you for replying. So i'll have to revert to DT Open Layers v 7.8.2 to fix this issue.

Thanks a lot

Best regards,


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