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Analog Output Issues Using USB-3104



Hello everyone,

I have some concerns about using DasyLAB with the USB-3104. My goal is to output a sinusoidal wave to channel 1 at a frequency of 1 KHz. I was wondering if there are any examples of analog output worksheets available, specifically with frequencies of 100Hz and 1KHz. Having such examples would greatly help me in understanding how to effectively utilize DasyLAB, as I am relatively new to it and want to grasp all its functionalities.

I connected my USB-3104 to an oscilloscope, but unfortunately, the oscilloscope did not display the expected output. In DasyLAB, I selected a sine wave output to be read by the oscilloscope, using a generator to manage global variables and output them channel-wise. I also included a recorder with a digital meter in my worksheet, as shown in the attached image.

I connected two wires, one to VOUT0 (red wire) and another to AGND (black wire), which were then linked to the oscilloscope. However, the oscilloscope displayed either square waves, static, or very low-quality sine waves. It almost seemed as if DasyLAB was simulating the output rather than reflecting the correct waveform on the oscilloscope.

I'm wondering if this issue is specific to the USB-3104, or if there are other devices that might better suit my needs. Any guidance or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance!


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3 hours ago, JRys said:

The USB-3104 cannot output a 1000 Hz sine wave. It has a low update rate of 100 Hz / Number of channels. The USB-3101FS is a high-speed unit. 

Is the USB-3101FS the sole device with a minimum output of 1000 Hz? It has 4 channels, and I require 6. Would connecting two of them simultaneously be a viable solution, or are there alternative devices that might meet my needs? Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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