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Need help for MCC USB-2416-4AO




I have two questions about USB-2416-4AO. Firstly, for the counter inputs I want to make sure if these can measure square wave frequency outputs from a flow meter? Secondly please excuse the trivial electronics questions, but if I want to measure pressure sensor outputs I would not need to utilize the differential setting for the measurement right? I believe the single ended measurement would be sufficient in this case.


Thanks in advance for the help!

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The Counter inputs found on the USB-2416-4AO are totalizing counters. In other words, they increment their count each time they get a pulse. Our software support for DASYLab and LabVIEW can measure some frequencies by determining the count difference every second. Frequencies below 5Hz can be challenging to read because the measurement will have few counts.

Let me know the make and model of your pressure sensor as well as other signals you plan to hook up.


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