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Analog Discovery (Legacy) FTDI chip erased?



Would you give me information on the settings of the FTDI chip for AD Legacy (Black one)?

There was a case where I overwrote the FTDI chip with AD2, but I did it with Legacy (Black one).

Of course, support has ended, so if they say it can't be done, I'll give up.

Best Regards

Hiroaki Okoshi

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Hi @Hiroaki,

This is detailed some in the troubleshooting guide,

but if you know that you erased the FTDI chip, you may be able to recover it from the WaveForms Device Manager. Go to the More dropdown and select ProgAD1,2,3,ADS,DD in the menu option and then follow the directions.

I'm not certain what version of WaveForms you might be using since you are using the original Analog Discovery, but the latest version is freely available and supports it here:

Let me know how it goes.


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