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DASYLab Program Worksheet Stops After Initial Poll of RS-485 Devices (Part 2)



Dear Representative,

Hello and hope you are doing well! I have not needed support for  a few years because the system has been working well. But the system has stopped working and here’s what I’ve found.

First off, some info on the System… Running DASYLab Full 2016 version.

Hardware devices are the DGH 45xx thermistor and thermocouple 4-channel modules. RS-232 config is COM3@19.2K,8,N,1.

We have not updated Windows 10 (off-network) to keep it compatible with this version of DASYLab.

This setup (the above information) has not changed and has run like this for at least 4 years.

Attached is a copy of the current worksheet.

I can manually send serial commands from the worksheet COM modules Monitor window and the modules respond with correct information.

I meticulously connected to each DGH module to make sure the configuration was the same and correct. I did have to re-config two of the seven modules and that could have interfered with the communication. 

Also, I setup a Python program on the same computer for testing. It polls all seven of the DGH modules and returns the temperature from the  corresponding channels. I have this set in a loop to poll it every 30 seconds. It has been running like this for a month with no issues. 

I've setup a simpler variant of the worksheet to poll a couple of the modules and still get the same result; only polls once, but the worksheet is still running (at least the clock display in the worksheet is running).

This is the second post, similar to the info provided when posted in October 2023. 

For the suggestions to try; the hardware issues are ruled out and I've tried a simpler worksheet. The Separate worksheet module was setup and recommended by CJ (incredibly helpful and knowledgeable person!). I can re-visit this if you insist it is causing an issue. Like I said, this worksheet was running for years like this, so not sure why this would be an issue now. I will take your advice and try whatever you have to offer.

Any suggestions of fixes would be appreciated (very appreciated)!

Thank you,

Tim Wilson


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Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to debug your program and it sounds like you have done exhaustive testing. If I had your hardware setup, I would make a worksheet with just the COM modules connected to a Digital Meter or List module. Set the Master COM module to Output every measurement value immediately. This is a setting in Options->Data Output. I might also be tempted to connect a Counter Module to each COM channel output. Set the counter to count samples. You may find that most of the devices are returning consistent data, but one or two are not. Because of the way you have the worksheet set, it must receive ten samples from every device to output a block of samples. 

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I started a new worksheet from scratch using a simple generator and meter. I apologize for this being so trivial, but I do not get any pop-up windows for the module (meter) when the experiment is started. Can you tell me what to check to enable this? 

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